Q : How much for the entrance fee ?

A : It is free of charge


Q : How to travel from Bangkok to the museum ?

A : Visitor can take a train from Bangkok terminal station (Hua Lamphong), Sam Sen, Bang Sue, Bang Bamroo and Thon Buri to Salaya station and then take a taxi from there to the museum, it costs about 100 Baht. Or Take a minibus (Song Thaew) from Salaya to Nakhon Chaisi district before taking another minibus or motorcycle taxi to the museum.

This is the train timetable (southern line)  http://www.railway.co.th/home/images/content/home/srt/timetable/download/th/20110702-south-go.pdf 

วัดสระเกศฯ ร่วมกับ เจษฎาเทคนิคมิวเซียม มอบรถสองแถวให้โรงเรียนในถิ่นกันดาร